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Wearing Pantyhose on an Airplane

Some time ago I wrote a diary entry that talked about unisex clothing and how my wife has not only come to the realization that it's not weird for a man to wear unisex-looking women's clothing but it can be very practical as well. I talked then about different items of clothing that my wife purchased for me, and then I happily posed for pictures wearing each of the items. One of my favorite examples is this outfit that I'm wearing in the picture at right. My top is a plum turtleneck that my mother in law actually sent to my wife a few years ago. She really liked the top, but it was just too big for her, and you know how picky we girls can get when something doesn't fit right. Fortunately it was too big for my wife, and so she asked if I wanted it. It took me about two milliseconds to say "yes," and I happily added it to my collection.

As for my bottoms in this picture, they are actually women's ski pants that my wife found on sale and insisted that I go back to the store with her to try them on. I still consider myself an amateur skier, and so my ski bottoms up until that point were purchased at Wal-Mart, and so my wife had been on the lookout for an affordable pair of ski pants for me. When she couldn't find anything she liked in the men's section, she found these in the women's section and had no problem recommending them to me. I happily complied and had a great time trying on the women's ski pants at the store and enjoy how they fall gently against my hips. I unfortunately have yet to go skiing wearing this outfit with big boobs and looking like a girl from the neck up, but I do have a few weeks coming up later this year where I hope to finally go skiing as a girl.

In the meantime, since I posted that diary entry talking about my unisex clothing, I recently had another wonderful experience where my wife encouraged me to purchase a pair of women's shoes that were on sale. Now, we're not talking about a cute pair of flats or anything with a high heel, but it was just another example of my wife finding a good deal in the women's section and not having a problem purchasing the shoes for me even though they were labeled "women's" on the box.

We were shopping at some outlet stores, and as is commonly the case at outlets, one of the anchor stores was a Nike outlet. My wife loves the Nike brand whether it is shoes or active wear, and so we went into the store to browse around. We eventually ended up at the back of the store where the clearance shoes lined the entire back wall. We started in the men's section, but there just wasn't anything appealing, and almost out of habit now (yay!), my wife suggested that we go and look at the women's shoes. So while jogging shoes aren't the cutest things in the world, it was still fun to be able to shop with my wife for women's shoes...that I would wear, not her.

At the outlet store, we identified two different pairs in my size, and so I happily tried both on. I so wanted to use one of those nylon knee-hi socks that you see in shoe stores, but this Nike outlet only had cotton ankle socks. I pretended that they were girl ankle socks and then tried on the shoes. After going back and forth, we settled on a pair of white jogging shoes with red and black trim. I can honestly say that I really didn't need the shoes, but the girl in me wanted them, and what made the excursion especially fun was my wife at my side encouraging me to buy a pair of ladies shoes.

I have worn the shoes while jogging and walking with my wife, but the most fun I've had with them so far is wearing them on an airplane while wearing nude pantyhose beneath my shorts. Recently, I took a trip to and from Los Angeles, and since I was flying alone, I was under dressed wearing a soft cup bra beneath my guy top and panties beneath my shorts. I was dying to wear pantyhose as well, but the security at LAX is so tight that I didn't want to risk anything, and so I settled for just a bra and panties beneath my guy outfit.

After going through security, however, I had this aching to wear pantyhose on the flight. Frequently when I fly, I do wear support pantyhose but that's underneath jeans or suit pants. wearing support pantyhose on an airplane greatly reduces the risk of swollen legs, and so I usually have a pair of pantyhose in my carry-on, but on this occasion, I felt it was too risky because I was wearing shorts. Still, I just couldn't relax in my seat as I waited to board my flight, and so on a whim, I got up from my seat and quickly browsed the gift shops to see if any were selling pantyhose. I figured that there must be plenty of business women who snag a pair and need a replacement, and to my delight, I did find a store that carried pantyhose. I quickly grabbed a pair in nude shade along with a bottle of water and went to the register. The lady working the register didn't really react at my purchase, and I wonder half of the time if they even look at the people making the purchase. Regardless, I was trembling with excitement after the purchase as I made my way to the restroom to change into my new pantyhose.

I chose a stall at the far end of the restroom and then quickly adorned my legs with my new support hose. I pulled my shorts back on and then wore some white ankle socks, and then finally, I slipped back into my Nike shoes that I had recently purchased at the outlet. There was too much traffic in the restroom to stop and take a picture in the mirror, but I did snap a photo while sitting down at the gate waiting to board my flight. Since I was wearing a nude shade, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed that I was wearing pantyhose, but I reasoned if they did, they probably thought I was wearing them specifically for my flight...which I was.

As I boarded the plane and found my seat, I think it was to my advantage that the plane was so crowded that no one really had a chance to look at my legs. And then after I located my seat and took it, I left my laptop on my lap in my computer bag to help cover my legs. I was still extremely nervous, but I knew that once the flight took off, I would be able to relax more. once we did leave the ground and the stewardesses eventually dimmed the lights so we could watch a movie, I relaxed more and put may laptop bag under my seat. It was exhilarating to be able to wear pantyhose out in the open on a flight, and I'm not sure which I enjoyed more...actually pantyhose on a plane or the excitement of being a man and wearing pantyhose on my flight.

During the flight, I got up to use the restroom, and as I did, I managed to take a series of pictures both waiting outside of the restroom and inside of the restroom sitting down and crossing my legs while wearing my American Airlines slippers. Wearing pantyhose on a long flight makes perfect sense since they constantly massage the legs and help with circulation. Wearing them on a long flight beneath shorts while dressed as a guy only adds to the adventure!

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