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Attending Les Miserables Crossdressed

I love to go to the theater. I can't sing or dance (I'm a guy remember?), but I love to go to the theater to see Broadway musicals. In 2007 Les Miserables was in town at the same time that my wife and kids were out of town, so I seized the day so to speak and decided to go to the musical dressed as a woman. It was not the first time that I've been to the theater dressed up, but since I have pictures of my outfit that night, I will post this entry first.

I purchased my ticket online, and the theater happened to have a seating chart, so I could pick my exact seat. I learned from previous occasions that it'd be best to sit in an aisle seat, so I located a single seat open on the fourth row of the balcony and selected it.

One of the nice things about the theater is it's actually a place where a woman can dress up for the occasion. Every time I venture out as a woman, I'd love to dress up to the nines regardless of my destination, but in an attempt to fit in with others around me, I usually settle for more casual clothing. Not on this night, however. While there are women who dress too casually to go to the theater, this was the perfect chance to dress up in pantyhose and heels and go out into public.

Black seems to be the most formal color, so I selected a black knee-length skirt to wear with off-black nylons and my black Feragammo pumps. For my top, I had just purchased a white lace camisole, so I wanted to layer it underneath a long-sleeved top. I selected a cotton v-neck top in light blue made by Calvin Klein that was short enough to let the lace from the cami show. As far as accessories, I wore a pair of black and white earrings and carried a black purse by Coach.

On the big day, I managed to make it home early from work in time to shower and shave. Everything went as planned with my outfit, makeup, and hair, and I was able to leave the house in good time. I like to arrive at the theater about five minutes before they close the doors as most people are already in their seats. Traffic was decent, and I made it downtown in good time and found a good parking spot.

As I was walking to the theater, there was a young couple a few steps ahead of me obviously dressed up for the show. I followed them all the way up the steps, and the guy must have heard my heels clicking the whole way behind him, so he opened the door for his wife and then waited a few seconds for me to enter as well. This caught me off guard, and I wasn't prepared to speak, so I just nodded and went in. The two ticket takers were young guys who were engaged in some sort of conversation, and they hardly gave me a glance as I handed one of them my ticket. I was pleased that I had made it this far with everyone assuming that I was a woman.

I knew right where my seat was due to my familiarity with the theater, so I hurried up to the stairs to the balcony and made it about two minutes before they closed the doors. I was sitting in seat one and next to me was a teenage girl that looked to be about 15 or so. Sitting next to her were five or six other girls her same age and then what looked to be someone's mother who brought all the girls to the theater. No one batted an eye as I walked up the aisle and took my seat.

Everything had gone perfectly, which was why I was able to enjoy the show so much. It's not uncommon for me to be a nervous wreck when sitting in an audience, but I crossed my legs properly and enjoyed the entire experience.

During an intermission, I have yet to leave my seat and go mingle outside, and this night was no different. If I went to the theater with someone else, I'm sure I'd have no problem leaving my seat with them, but I stayed put crossing my legs out towards the aisle so those passing me could easily get by. I read the program during the fifteen intermission without incident and then enjoyed the rest of the performance.

At the end of the show, I stood and applauded with the rest of the audience for a few moments before taking advantage of my aisle seat and getting a head start out of the theater. I hope that one day I won't have to worry so much about being noticed and relax more, but the night went as well as can be expected. I would have like to have taken a walk around town a bit before heading home, but my wife was due to call me that night, so I had to head straight for the car and speed home.

This was by far my most successful night out on the town dressed as a woman, and I even made it home in time to catch my wife's call. If only she could have seen me talking to her there on the couch dressed as a woman with my heels off and my legs perched up on the ottoman.

Click here to see several poses of my outfit that night.

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