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Here I highlight my cross dressing wardrobe.

Here I introduce my cross dressing closet with multiple pictures of me cross dressing.

My Crossdressing Closet

One of the best things about being a woman is that you can never have enough clothes or lingerie. On this page I will introduce my crossdressing wardrobe including what I wear from top to bottom and inside out. Whenever I dress up for a photo shoot, I like to take pictures along the way as I get dressed, so sometimes you will see what I'm wearing underneath. I will also talk about how I purchased each item as I built up my collection.

You will probably notice that a lot of my tops are white, and I think I gravitate to that color because I want my bra to show through and give a pretty impression from behind. I enjoy both knee-length and full-length skirts as each style has its advantage. The knee-length skirts allow me to show off my legs, but there's also something elegant about a long, flowing skirt. I generally don't wear dresses out and about, but I love the way a dress feels on my body, perhaps because there isn't anything at the waistline to deal with.

My favorite type of shoes are slingback heels, but I need to be careful about wearing anything that makes me taller than I already am, so I usually settle for flats.

Like most other women, I also love brand-name clothing and can never get enough of it though I would never buy it at retail price when options like eBay or second-hand stores are available. I also have the struggle like most other women when deciding what to wear. Whenever I attend an event like a musical or a movie when dressed up as a woman, I always cut it so close because I can never decide what to wear up until the last minute. It's funny because all of the stereo-types men have about women in regards to clothing and indecision fits me perfectly when I spend time as a woman.

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