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Cellphone Pictures Trying on Shoes at Target

One of my biggest breakthroughs when cross dressing in public came during a Sunday afternoon shopping trip to Kohl's department store. I dressed up in a darling sleeveless dress from Old Navy, brown Mary Jane flats, and then sheer nude pantyhose to give my legs a pretty boost. I had no intention of purchasing anything from Kohl's since I was terrified by the thought of a face to face transaction with a female employee from a department store, so my goal was to browse around the entire store focusing on the lingerie, hosiery, shoe, and clothing departments. At the time, I really wanted to purchase a maxi dress, so as I was browsing through the clearance racks, I came across the most darling top ever, a pink sleeveless top with a ruffled V-neck by Ralph Lauren. I grabbed that top, a maxi dress, and a pair of shorts and headed to the dressing room. I talk about this shopping trip in detail on my blog, but here are some of the pics I took in the fitting room at Kohl's:

1 - Top Left: In the fitting room with clothes to try on
2 - Top Right: Trying on the pink top and khaki shorts. I ended up purchasing the pink top...Yay!
3 - Bottom Left: Trying on the maxi dress. The fit was perfect but I wanted a cuter dress than this
4 - Bottom Right: Shopping for bras as part of my excursion

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Fitting Room at Kohl's

Shopping for Lingerie

Fitting Room in My Bra

Shopping for Pantyhose and Heels

Trying on Shoes at Target

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