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Cell Phone Pictures Shopping for Pantyhose and Heels

One Friday night I decided to go out and do some shopping at Fred Meyer. I really didn't have anything in mind that I needed, but I can easily spend hours in one department store browsing around for lingerie, clothes, shoes, and pantyhose. On this particular night I felt so cute for some reason. I was wearing a simple half sleeve tee in white paired with a brown cotton skirt with a pretty sash in front that ties into a bow. I wore nude pantyhose to highlight my legs just a bit, and then I slipped on my brown Mary Jane flats. Since I was in a casual mood, I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and then finished my look with my largest hoop earrings.  I was now ready for a fun night of shopping while cross dressed!

This shopping trip was heavenly as I shopped for camis, rings, shoes, lingerie, and every thing else girl. At one point, I found myself in the hosiery section, so I decided to browse through the selection of pantyhose. In the picture at right, you can see me in the pantyhose section with pairs of Hanes Alive pantyhose on the back wall. The price for the Hanes pantyhose was $8, so I elected to purchase a different brand called GNW that was on sale for $5. Whenever a girl purchases a new pair of pantyhose, she immediately thinks about getting a fun pair of shoes to go with them, so I headed to the shoe department and found a sexy pair of high heels with cute buckle on the front and a a sling back strap. To my dismay, the shoes cost $45, and that was too much for me to pay at the time, but I still had so much fun trying them on, walking among the aisles in the shoe department, and snapping a pic of them when I passed each mirror. The pictures on this page document this cross dressing in public adventure focusing on my shopping for pantyhose and high heels.


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Dashboard Pantyhose

Fitting Room at Kohl's

Shopping for Lingerie

Fitting Room in My Bra

Shopping for Pantyhose and Heels

Trying on Shoes at Target

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