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Cellphone Pictures from Lingerie Departments

crossdresser shopping for lingerieA lot of my girl friends recommend a particular style of bra or panties, so whenever I go shopping in public while cross dressed, I just have to browse through the lingerie department of any apparel store I go into and look for the things my friends recommend. I also love to shop for bras and panties on clearance, and then I love to look for slips and camisoles with pretty lace that I can add to my collection. Regardless of whether or not I purchase anything, it's just fun to look at the latest fashions in lingerie and touch the silky fabrics dressed as a girl because we all know how uncomfortable it can be to shop for lingerie as a guy. The pictures at right and below are from the summer of 2011 as I visited the lingerie departments of various stores.

1 - At Right: Snapping a picture inside the lingerie section at JCPenney before purchasing a bra while cross dressed
2 - Top Left: Another picture from the JCPenney lingerie section while shopping at the mall cross dressed on a Friday night
3 - Top Right: Taking a picture with my cellphone at Target in the bra section after an hour of trying on shoes
4 - Bottom Left: A picture from the lingerie department at Fred Meyer during a Friday night shopping adventure while cross dressed
5 - Bottom Right: Browsing through the bra section at Kohl's department store

cross dresser in lingerie department man shopping for lingerie
crossdressing in a lingerie department shopping for bras crossdressed

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Fitting Room at Kohl's

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Trying on Shoes at Target

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