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Fitting Room in My Bra

One night I had some library books to return, so I thought it would be a fun opportunity to cross dress like a girl and go to the library. After returning the books, I still had about an hour until most of the stores closed, so I got the sudden urge to go out and buy a new dress. Shopping for clothes is fun, but there's something special about a girl and a new dress. Since new dresses are quite expensive, I decided to visit a second hand store to see what was available. I guess I was in the mood for sleeveless because I picked three different sleeveless dresses and headed to the fitting room to try them on. After hanging the dresses up on a hook, I removed my blouse and skirt and was standing there in the fitting room in just my bra and pantyhose. I decided it would make for a fun picture, so I retrieved my cell phone from my purse and snapped the picture at right. I've also included two more pics of me below trying on a sleeveless orange dress that I would purchase and then three tops I would buy as well.

crossdresser in a fitting room trying on dresses   cross dressing a fitting room

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Fitting Room in My Bra

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