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Blue Denim Capris

I purchased this pair of blue denim capris at a second hand store. The name brand on the tag says Arizona, and I believe that is a brand carried by JCPenney. The size of these capris is actually 14, and I think they are actually a pair of girl's capris since my normal size when wearing women's jeans is 8. The capris are a bit faded at the front of the legs, and they are quite low cut although I'm usually wearing a lace cami with them meaning I cover the top portion up. These capri jeans are very versatile in terms of pairing them with a cute top or wearing them in different seasons. To me, a fun part of cross dressing is wearing jeans from time to time instead of a skirt.

crossdresser wearing a red top and blue capris  cross dresser layering a lace camisole over a pair of capris  crossdressing a lace cami over a ruffle top with blue capris

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