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My Little Black Dress by Ann Taylor

In the summer of 2011, I blogged about shopping at a second hand store while cross dressed and buying some sleeveless dresses. Whenever I visit these second hand stores, I primarily look for brand name clothing since it is usually the cutest clothing anyway. On one of my crossdressing outings at this second hand store, I came across a little black dress by Ann Taylor in size 10. My normal dress size is 12, and while I can squeeze into a size 10 depending on the fabric and cut, this dress didn't look to have much give. Still, it was a dress made by Ann Taylor, one of my favorite brands of clothing. I took the dress to the fitting room and barely got it zipped up, but I purchased it anyway because I've always wanted an Ann Taylor dress, and this will inspire me to lose a few extra pounds. I cannot wait to wear this dress with shiny black stockings and black heels to the theatre.

crossdresser in a little black dress by Ann Taylor  cross dresser in a sleeveless black dress by Ann Taylor  crossdressing a black dress by Ann Taylor  cross dressing a sleeveless black dress by Ann Taylor

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