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About Me

Here are some things about me in regards to being a male to female cross dresser:

driving while cross dressedI was born a male and have never had any work done to give my body a more female appearance nor have I ever taken female hormones. That doesn't mean that I don't have the desire to get breast implants, get a nose job, get an eye tuck, take female hormones, etc. because I do. I just have higher priorities in life right now that keep from doing this.

I am a heterosexual male by society's standards. I have read on other crossdresser sites where some people would consider being with a man as part of the crossdressing fantasy, but I have never had those inclinations. I love girls and their clothes 100%. While I am a man anatomically, inside of me I long to be a girl. If I could be born again and choose my gender, I would choose to be a girl. Perhaps that really makes me a lesbian, but gender is so confusing anyway.

Had I been born a girl, my parents would have named me Lisa.

Marital Status
I am happily married to a wonderful woman who knows my desires to cross dress and accepts them but does not understand them fully. We have multiple children and are a very close-knit, happy family. My children do not know about my cross dressing, but sometimes I wonder if they've ever noticed daddy's pantyhose drawer right above his sock drawer. I would not be opposed to telling my children if the occasion was right.
cross dresser dressed as on office lady
I am in the IT industry, which allows me frequent opportunities to travel...and crossdress of course. My desire one day is to travel cross dressed as a woman. Frequently I wear bra and panties with pantyhose to work under my clothes and love taking my shoes off under my desk.  Pictured at right is one of my working girl outfits that I'll wear if I'm ever working from home.

I consider my cross dressing as a hobby although it does go deeper than that. Still, one of my hobbies is to present myself as a woman in public, which means putting together hair, makeup, and an outfit to achieve this. When dressed as a woman, my number one hobby is to shop. All of my other hobbies are masculine, so think of the typical male hobbies or activities and I probably fit the mold.

Gender Traits
My physical traits and mannerisms are completely masculine. I could never be a drag queen because I can't act the part. When I go out dressed as a woman, the female mannerisms do not come naturally. Everybody knows and works with guys who are by nature feminine, and by that I mean the typical stereotypes that society associates with gay men. I have none of those and couldn't assume them if I tried, so in that respect, yes, I am a male.

cross dresser with bra straps showing through halter topPhysical Traits
Regarding my physical traits, I'm right on the border height-wise at 5'10" (180 cm). This means I have to be extremely careful when wearing high heels in public, so I mainly wear flats. I couldn't imagine having these desires to crossdress if I were a few inches taller because you rarely see women over six feet tall (183cm). My hands are also masculine, but luckily my fingers are short and not too fat.

My natural hair color is blonde, and while I do have my fair share of body hair, it's mostly blonde as well, so I can shave my facial hair and be safe for at least 24 hours.  I also don't need thick foundation as part of my makeup, and I couldn't grow a decent beard or mustache if I wanted to, so this is a plus as a crossdresser.

My complexion is terrible, so I do need foundation to cover up my freckles and blemishes, but many women have this same issue. My body does not tan well as you can tell from some of my pics, so I favor long sleeves. Since I started this diary, I have been very careful about developing male tan lines since I love to wear camisoles and want my pictures to turn out as natural as possible.

Passable Features
My face is masculine especially my large nose, but like my height, it's right on the border and can pass when dressed in public. The most feminine attribute of my body has to be my lips. I have thick, luscious lips...more so than most women. My eyes are greenish blue but sag too much for my liking.

In many of my pics it looks like my eyes are closed, so I consciously try and open them wider when in front of the camera. I hardly have any eyebrows, so they are easy to draw in with an eyebrow pencil.

My torso is definitely thicker than your average female and my shoulders broader, but my upper body is not so disproportionate from the rest of my body that it's a dead give away. My natural bra size is 36A or 38A depending on the manufacturer of the bra. I do need to watch my weight to keep my stomach as slim as possible, but it's nothing some control top pantyhose can't fix. As for my legs, that's another strong point of my body. They are long and proportioned quite well. I have a little more calf muscle than your average female, but when I wear pantyhose it smoothes everything out nicely. I can also cross my legs like a girl.

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