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About Me (continued)

My feet are between a size 10 and 11, but that's mostly due to the wide width of them. I can fit any size 11 shoe no problem, and I can fit a size ten if the shoes are strappy. Once again, I am right on  the border in terms of my feet.

Hair Color

While my hair is blonde, like any typical woman I don't mind changing my hair color from time to time, and I've also taken a liking to shorter hair.  Perhaps that's a sign of my getting older?  Pictured at right is me as a brunette.

All in all, my physical traits are definitely masculine, but in the critical areas to pass as a crossdresser like height, size, and facial hair, I pass...barely. Mentally and emotionally, I think I'm closer to typical female traits.

Web Site

I created this website in the summer of August 2009, and many of the entries are recollections of my crossdressing experiences through the years. These entries from the past can be identified because they are much shorter, and they don't contain pictures of me crossdressing in public. Since creating the web site, I have forced myself to become more bold when venturing out into public while crossdressed, and so the most recent entries will include multiple pages of details and plenty of pictures taken with a digital camera and my cell phone.

My Pictures
I take all of the pictures myself, and so I have learned to get creative with the placement of my camera, especially out in public. If I happen to be outside in a place that isn't busy then I will set up my camera on a tripod; however, when I am inside of a store or in a high traffic area dressed like a girl, I discretely place my camera on shelves in stores or on top of my car often hiding it right next to my purse. In December of 2010 I finally purchased a smart phone, and that has greatly enhanced my ability to take pictures in public while cross dressed as long as I can find a mirror. Fortunately, ladies fitting rooms are always equipped with mirrors, and I usually have good luck finding them in lingerie sections, shoe sections, and the women's clothing sections in department stores.  Pictures taken with a cell phone can get a bit blurry, but hopefully you can get the idea of some of my adventures even if the pictures aren't crisp.  I'm proud to say that I don't own Photoshop and wouldn't know how to use it anyway, so all of my pictures are genuine.  One of my most daring pictures ever was this one at right where I wanted to document myself shopping for maxi pads at the grocery store.  I hid my camera on the opposite shelf and then quickly took my picture desperately praying that store security wouldn't see me put my camera back into my purse and think I was shoplifting.  Thankfully, they didn't. :-)

It's kind of fun to see the evolution of my web site over the years and note the changes in my personal life that have positively affected my ability to successfully crossdress in public.  Now you hopefully know a little bit more about me. :-)

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