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Extended Girl Time - Summer 2017

Most years, I get extended girl time in the summer. What extended girl time means for me is that my entire family is away for a few weeks allowing me to spend time as a girl during my free time. I always have the day job to worry about, and then there are other obligations I have to church and community, but with my family away, I'm able to dress up as a girl at least once a day and venture out into public.

In the summer of 2017, I was able to put together 27 different updates that range from getting a pedicure at the day spa to wearing my bikini to the lake for a photo shoot. I also found myself venturing into the women's bathroom more and more this summer, and I document that as well in several updates. All 27 updates are linked at left, and then below I'll paste a series of pictures that highlighted my summer extended girl time in 2017. : )

My 2017 Extended Summer Girl Time

Day 1
First Morning

Day 2
Shopping at Savers

Day 3
My Pedicure

Day 4
Workout Girl

Day 5
Wonder Woman

Day 6
Replacing Panties

Day 7
Lunch Outdoors

Day 8
Running As A Girl

Day 9
Canyon with Danielle

Day 10
Bralette Shopping

Day 11
My Bikini Body

Day 12
Camping Prep

Day 13
Camping Underdressed

Day 14
Grocery Shopping

Day 15
Laundry Day

Day 16
Meeting Karen

Day 17
Kohl's Shopping

Day 18
Shopping with Karen

Day 19
Summer Camisole

Day 20
My New Bralettes

Day 21
Summer Tops

Day 22
Makeup Remover

Day 23
Walking in Heels

Day 24
Dress Off III

Day 25
Ann Taylor Outlet

Day 26
Bathroom World Tour

Day 27

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