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Extended Girl Time - Autumn 2016

2016 was a wonderful year for me in understanding myself further as a transgender woman. I achieved things during the year that I never thought possible, and I've grown so much as a woman in my adult life.

During the fall of 2016, I had several weeks of extended girl time, and I was able to produce 18 different updates to my diary during that span with many of those updates containing videos of me out and about as a girl. All of the entries are linked at right, and then I'll fill the rest of this page with pictures highlighting the fun that I had in the fall of 2016.  : )

My 2016 Extended Fall Girl Time

Day 1
Pedicure Troubles

Day 2
Lunch at the Cafe

Day 3
Ann Taylor Return

Day 4
Old Navy Shopping

Day 5
Active Wear Tops

Day 6
Running in Pink

Day 7
Getting a Pedicure

Day 8
Lisa in Hiking Boots

Day 9
Errands at Walmart

Day 10
Shopping at Ross

Day 11
Jogging in Under Armour

Day 12
Buying an Elle Dress

Day 13
Watching Baseball As A Mom

Day 14
Gambling As A Girl

Day 15
Killing Time As A Girl

Day 16
Polo Outlet Shopping

Day 17
Slimming Down

Day 18
Personal Pink Out

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